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Hotline Procedures

When a report about illegal content is sent to the Hotline regardless by what channel - telephone, e-mail, fax, mail or online form - the operator verifies whether the reported content actually exists at the indicated address.

  1. After verification of the validity of the report the operator registers the report in the system in the case it has reached the Hotline via an alternative channel other than the online form.
  2. When the report enters through the online form the system automatically registers it and sends a receipt of acknowledgement to the sender by e-mail.
  3. The operator traces country of origin of the server.
  4. When the reported content is traced to a country which is member of INHOPE the operator immediately notifies the Hotline provider in the respective country for further action and informs the sender of the report about the action taken.
  5. When the reported content is traced to a country outside the INHOPE network, it is to be immediately reported to the competent law-enforcement agency to transfer the information via Interpol and the sender of the report is informed about the action.
  6. When the reported content is traced to a server in Romania the following procedures are to be followed:
  • If the reported content contains child pornography the operator immediately reports all available information to the law-enforcement agency to take necessary measures. In that case, the author/source (when known) and the hosting organization will not be notified in order to prevent possible destruction of evidence (i.e. deletion of content) which can obstruct the law-enforcement authorities from effectively tracing the routes of distribution of the reported content.
  • If the reported content is not child pornography and the author/source can be identified the operator sends warning notice to the source to immediately remove the illegal content.
  • If the author/source refuses to remove the content or ignores the warning the operator sends a notice to the hosting organization to delete the illegal content.
  • Parallel to notifying the hosting organization the operator gives notice to the law-enforcement agency about the report and asks for further feedback about the steps taken - investigation, trial, sentences.
  • All warning letters and replies are duly entered into the system.
  • After the illegal content has been removed or the law-enforcement agency has taken the necessary steps the operator notifies the sender of the report, enters the information and closes the case. Thus the report is put into inactive status.
  • In the event that further actions are taken on a closed report the operator activates it and enters the new information.

All reports - new, active and closed - are periodically reviewed.

Hotline Complaints Procedure

The service accepts anonymous reports from members of the public who accidentally uncover illegal child pornography or any other harmful for children content on the Internet. Optionally those submitting reports can provide contact details. Feedback on the progress or outcome of reports is provided when details from Law enforcement are at the discretion of the Hotline management. Please be aware that in the vast majority of cases, the material reported originates outside of the Romanian LEA jurisdiction, and the Hotline does not receive feedback from those jurisdictions on the result of reports forwarded.

The service endeavors at all times to handle reports with professionalism and efficiency. The Hotline adheres to the best of its ability to the INHOPE Code of Practice.

If however, for any reason, a member of the public believes that they have a grievance regarding the conduct of the The service in carrying out its objectives, they may submit a complaint.

The complaints procedure is as follows:
At first instance a complaint should be submitted to the Hotline e-mail address This should clearly state the report or activity to which the complaint refers. It should also state how the complainant believes the service has breached the INHOPE Code of Practice or the Hotline's own procedures in providing its service. The complaint must give a full name, and contact details (e-mail address and telephone number at minimum) of the complainant. Complaints not having verifiable and valid contact details will not be accepted.

If a complaint does not have verifiable contact details, the Hotline will acknowledge the complaint to the e-mail address from which it appears to have been sent, requesting the contact details. If such details are not forthcoming the complaint will not be accepted.

Given a valid complaint, the Hotline will acknowledge the complaint and provide a response within 5 working days.

If the complainant feels they have not received an adequate response, the complaint may be submitted to the Hotline Manager. This should be done in document form and sent by registered post to the:

Romanian Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children
29 Biserica Amzei Str, 3rd Floor

Only signed complaints with verifiable contact details of the complainant will be accepted. The complaint must provide the circumstances and details of how the service is in breach of its own procedures. It is helpful if the complainant can outline what they believe is required or the amended course of action they seek to address their grievance.

The Hotline Manager must respond within eight working days from receipt of the registered letter of complaint.

Should the complainant remain dissatisfied with the response provided by the Hotline General Manager, they should raise the matter with INHOPE –